Austin Indian Eats and Groceries

Routinely in class, I get a few questions:

Question: “What’s your favorite Indian restaurant in Austin?”

Answer thus far: “None, really. I don’t eat Indian food out often enough to judge that fairly”.

Question:  “What’s a family-friendly Indian restaurant?”

Answer: Most are family-friendly and baby-friendly in terms of atmosphere. Food generally is spicy even if mildly spicy. Some places like Tarka, now have kids menus as that is appealing to some folks, especially those who are new to Indian cuisine!

Question: “Where can I buy these Indian ingredients?”

Answer: “I have a list for you on my website”…..

….Turns out, that list is OUT OF DATE! So this month I will be working on a couple of Austin lists regarding Indian cooking, shopping, and eateries. And I’ll keep updating it every year or so.

You can find the lists on my home page, under “Austin“.

If you find I am missing something, please do let me know!

Delicata Squash with Tamarind-Apple Relish


Autumn is here, even in Texas! After our unusually mild summer, I shouldn’t be surprised that Fall vegetables have already made it to the farmers’ markets. I excitedly picked up delicata squash, which is one of the varieties of squash that is actually not found all throughout the cold season. I remember trying to teach… 

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Bing Cherry Salsa

Hood River Bing Cherries

Our Texas summer doesn’t end in August, but cherry season seems to! I grabbed a few last bunches of cherries last week, flown in from Hood River. Silly that I did that, considering we just were IN Hood River a few weeks ago! At the Cherry Festival there, we hopped from place to place in… 

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Nectarine Raita


Cold and creamy, tangy and dotted with summer sweetness, fruit raitas can accompany hot curries in the summertime, but are also a great condiment for grilled meats. Traditionally though, you would want a bowlful of raita as a side dish, spooning in each mouthful after each forkful of curry. This raita, and most raitas, are… 

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Tarragon-Shallot Compound Butter


Yesterday, we had some impromptu guests come over for an easy casual dinner. LOVE SUMMER! My husband wanted to do his regular easy grilling favorite, beer can chicken, so to accompany that I made our favorite black bean, corn, and avocado salad in a lime-garlic vinaigrette. My guests brought a very-currently-trendy watermelon dish, a watermelon-feta-tomato… 

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