A Look at Metier Cook’s Supply

Metier Cook's Supply

Metier Cook’s Supply

Upon first glance on the outside, Metier fits right into the South Austin neighborhood with its charming disposition in a quaint building on a busy street. Metier is a local culinary bookstore plus cookshop, propped next door to Lenoir, one of my favorite Austin restaurants and both establishments are owned by the same owners Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher.


You would wonder how all the goodies inside fit in this little neat house, but walking in the front door you see that everything is organized beautifully in different little areas of the house. You can easily spend more time here than you’ve allotted for! I’ve been twice and felt I needed a whole afternoon, especially to just cozy up in a corner poring over the words on the many pages of the well-selected books and journals.


Wish I had a subscription to all of these!

The store owners have hand-picked the best food writing in all forms: new food magazines that you can’t find at higher-end grocery markets or even at our local favorite Bookpeople, literary journals that get published quarterly, international cookbooks displayed beautifully, and a knife selection that beats the mainstream brands.

Texas books

Texas books

Owner Jessica Maher and staff are extremely helpful in finding just what you are looking for or for finding the best book for your needs. I have discovered books on Peruvian food, one-ingredient recipe booklets, vintage cookbooks, Texas authors, and many award-winning titles. I’ve even purchased kitchen gadgets and ware like Jessica’s favorite paring knife and molcajete brand, and I have my eye on a cute chef jacket actually fit for a woman’s shape!



Metier seems to having more and more events in the store too with visiting authors, baking demos, and more. Check out the popup they are having this weekend! And last weekend they had their popular pie-making event which I sadly missed :( They also offer a wide range of kitchen services, including cast iron cookware restoration and knife sharpening.

If you go there, please say hello to them from me! And buy a book or two, on my behalf :)


These are the IACP nom titles I just bought on my last visit. Now that the awards are released, I’m going back for more!



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