Cuddle up with a Roti

Soft and fluffy. Pillowy. I really like that descriptive term for some Indian flatbreads though it is commonplace.  The rotis I made yesterday really were from one of the best atta flour brands that I’ve found in the Austin Indian market. I’ve tried many, but I have liked Sujata brand quite a bit. Makes a very very soft dough that is almost hard to work with. I’ve had to use a bit extra all-purpose flour to help roll them out with my veland (Indian rolling pin).  I also sometimes add milk to the flour for a bit of extra fat to work with (and a bit of protein and calcium), or just substitute milk for all of the water.  So, they weren’t the thinnest rotis I’ve ever made, but the airiness and texture was worth it.  And I crumbled ’em up this morning with gol (jaggery) for one of my kid’s lunchbox.

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    Hello, great to know about Sujata Ata. Please do keep up posting tips on where to find the best products. I am new-ish to Austin and still exploring, could use some guidance.


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