Being Me

Hi there y’all.

I am ready to be me in this blog.

I tried the flowery food writing me, then the technical recipe writing me, then the measly attempts to be funny me. But now I’m just gonna be me. Basically, I’m tired of NOT writing simply because I don’t have a perfect recipe or a gorgeous photo. I’m just gonna write. I have lots to say and have had lots to say and it seems to be kept bottled in because of the need to LOOK good. Yes, my blog needs a better design and I haven’t gotten there yet. Yes, I need to give you more recipes, I hear you. And I’ll do that when I can and when I get to it. But in the meantime, I’m just gonna write. And I’m gonna write like I talk, for the most part. (I mean, I guess i don’t go around socializing with people saying “Vigorously whisk in one tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil until it emulsifies” or “Chiffonade the basil and garnish the soup”).

You know what I mean. I just am going to be me!


If I lose readers, I’ll be sad. But I’ll be happy to just be writing. If I gain readers, I’ll be happy. And I’ll wonder why? and who? would want to read ME?

Wish me luck!!


  1. says

    You should rule your blog, write what you want and when you want! I’ve got a mixture of personal stuff and food-related posts onmy blog. THe more personal you are, the more genuine, the more readers interact. The best part about blogging… community :)

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